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    Thumbs up List of good classified site.....

    I would like to start a new thread were we can all post good classified sites that we can all use to search or post our pets and horses.
    Here is one I just found that is new, this one promises to be a really good place to advertise and has a large outreach, better yet it is free and allows up to 4 pictures.
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    Cathy; This entire network is built around equine classifieds, but I can see your point about other pets. We will let this thread run and see how it is accepted.

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    Thanks, I also breed Shih Tzu dogs, White German Shepherds and Persian cats and the more outreach the better.
    Not to worrie! I've been passing around this site as well to everyone I know
    Cathy C

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    Do you have pictures of your shi tsu's, and german sheperds?

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    I have had siamese for 22 years and have had 3 german shepherds too

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    can you tell I'm trying to think of what I can, to get 5 of these posted for you to get credit

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    ginny whitt sent me the e-mail telling me about this site and to join up and post 5 messages

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    and I have sent the same e-mail to 3 of my equestrian friends

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    Well I'm happy you joined but look around you'll love it here, there are alot of information and good people here.

    Cathy C
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    Classified websites are the best place to sell and buy anything what you want. It can help to promote your business in online market. All people are search on all these type sites to purchase any item. You can also share your pets and horses photos in classified to sell with good amount.

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