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    Red face At what age can a colt get a mare pregnant

    I think my mare may have gotten pregnant by my 1 1/2 year old colt. Is it even possible or can it happen. She is a arabian so he can definantly reach her. I am having her preg. Checked tommorow by ultrasound i will keep everyone posted on what the results are. Thanks

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    There are many examples of colts as young as yours siring offspring, one common definition is the point that the ejaculate contains at least a half-billion sperm.

    The textbook age at which most colts achieve these criteria is generally 12-18 months. The figure of a half-billion sperm comes from what is believed to be a sufficient breeding dose under average conditions. But under excellent conditions with fertile mares and good sperm near ovulation it might not take nearly that many sperm.

    No matter the criteria, the age at which a colt can produce a fertile ejaculate and sire a foal varies with many factors, including breed, the month in which he was born, and his social condition. Most colts reach puberty in April or May of their yearling year. The maturation process starts in response to the lengthening days through the winter and spring of their yearling year, as opposed to starting at a specific age.

    Let Us know.

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