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    Just wanted to share the results I have had using wood pellet bedding for my outside stalls. Here in California we commonly have pipe stalls with partial covers which can lead to some muddy stalls in rain. I decided to try the pellets on two of my stalls to see how they would hold up.

    Where I live there is a lot of heavy wind more than rain so I do not like using shavings as they tend to blow away. Not so with the pellets. Even after they have expanded the pelleted bedding stays put better as it combines better with the existing footing. Even my helpers have noticed it is easier to clean these stalls as the footing is 'heavier' and falls through the fork better.

    Now we have had three days of rain and although there is still puddling in those stalls, they dry faster, stay better smelling, and don't stay mucky like the shavings. I am very happy with them.

    I have yet to try them inside as I fear a problem with dust, but I plan on giving it a try as it would be nice to shave off some time (no pun intended) cleaning them.

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    I am glad you found something that works. But let me throw some thoughts in here. I have learned that the only key to success is drainage.

    Years ago down In Phoenix I had a full size arena. Because it had some slope some people considered it "not right". A neighbor put in an arena and "laser levelled" it. After one of the AZ monsoon storms that dumped 3 inches in less than an hour my arena was fine. His looked like he was working on a mini Grand Canyon. 3 inches of rain will not soak in and eventually the about 100,000 gallons will find a way - and wash everything out.

    I like to have a barn that opens up into a corral. The exact location of my barn here was determined by a week of "shooting grade" with a transient. I know my neighbors were sure I had lost my marbles looking at all these stakes. But when I was feeding this morning after a foot of snow this week and an inch of rain last night - the work sure paid off.

    As far as possible I will use natural slope for outside pens or stalls. But if that does not seem suffivient, I have created slope. And I even have put in drainage ditches with leach lines and leach rock. Yes it is a lot of extra work - and money -, but to me it sure beats dealing with mud and muck for years to come.

    Hope you have slope.


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    Hello! I really liked your story. Thank you! login
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