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    Default Taz


    TAZ took some permanent time off last week. He was an 18 year old OTTB and my wifes second horse.

    He gave a ton of lessons, memories and general trail riding.

    He had a leg condition in the end that the vets couldn't get a handle on. It was a weird deal.

    So Taz got some long time deserved pasture time with some other elderly buddies.

    Taz was a good old horse and thought I would give him a little honor here. This is a good idea to honor those friends of ours that have moved on.

    From dust you came ~ and dust you shall return.

    You got to put the steel to em'

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    Default farewell tasha

    Tasha is my mums tibetian spaniel, Ok not a horse but she has been around my youngest daughter Penelope since the day my daughter was born, today she is being put to sleep at the age of 14 with a brain tumor.

    Penelope is taking it pretty bad as shes always treated her like a teddy bear. Rest in peace Tash

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    Such a beautiful and awesome story to describe the love and feelings with those who have gone.You are giving a glimpse to world that we should not forget our beloved.

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    Aw, I am so sorry to hear of your loss
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    What a beautiful and sad story! Sad with you! ((
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