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    Hi, I am hoping to make connections with some Western riding folk in the North Island. My Kiwi hubby, our daughter and I will be moving to NZ late this year (September-is) from California. I would be interested in knowing more about what is available in the way of teaching western riding lessons and/or running riding day camp programs. For the last 18 years we have worked at a western ranch camp for kids and I would like to continue working with kids and/or horses on some level, maybe not right away but in the near future. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

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    Default Western riding information

    Hi ,
    It is much more laid back than in the states and I would say that you would be welcomed with open arms.

    We (Ann & I) live approx 1hr north of Wellington and raise, train and show Applies.

    Suggest you log onto the NZ Western Riding Federation website and that will give you a fair bit of information.

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    Default Western riding information

    Thank you so much for the welcome and the information. Everyone I have corresponded with has been very gracious and welcoming. I am getting more and more excited about the move and am looking forward to meeting new people and starting anew in such a wonderful country.

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    Default Western riding information

    Hi there,
    what part of the North Island are you coming to? We have a local western riding club inKumeu which is good, I am English and have been in NZ for 3 years and have started western riding and having lessons with Jozette Thode who is a World champ in Kumeu.If you are thinking of starting up a camp we have a 35 acre block for sale with a 5 bed det house and stable and pen and 5 acre forest for sale!!
    Hopefully, we will be somewhere between Auckland and Hamilton, not quite sure yet. Thank you for the info on the land for sale. We are not quite ready for that yet but I appreciate the info.

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    Western Riding in essence, is a way to ride the horse with precision, control and respond by pressing the light-weight and transfer. A style of riding that is very easy to learn the basics, but which requires great skill and dedication to master at the top level.

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    Western riding is a style of horseback riding which evolved from the ranching and warfare traditions brought to the Americas by the Spanish Conquistadors, and both equipment and riding style evolved to meet the working needs of the cowboy in the American West. American cowboys needed to work long hours in the saddle over rough terrain, sometimes needing to rope cattle with a lariat (or lasso). Because of the necessity to control the horse with one hand and use a lariat with the other, western horses were trained to neck rein, that is, to change direction with light pressure of a rein against the horse's neck. Horses were also trained to exercise a certain degree of independence in using their natural instincts to follow the movements of a cow, thus a riding style developed that emphasized a deep, secure seat, and training methods encouraged a horse to be responsive on very light rein contact.

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    Western riding is one of the best and the most popular way of riding the horses. Western riding is easy and safe also, a person can learn it. Well trained person can teach western riding otherwise it will be harmful.

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    Default You actually suggested that effectively!

    Seriously plenty of helpful material!|
    Nicely put. Thanks! -

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    Excellent post. Thank you very much!!
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