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    Default Cloned Barrel Horse

    I remember asking a question about a barrel horse that was cloned, really. Not natural but anyway I think it was charlaymane james if I remember right, I may have spelled her name wrong.

    I was wondering if anyone had any info on that horse? Did develope okay? It just seems wrong to me.

    But was wondering if anyone who is up on that stuff new anything.

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    Not sure if this is the one in particular it's from 2006
    The Horse: World Champion Barrel Horse Gelding Cloned

    Since then, there have been Driving horses, Show Jumpers, TB racehorses, and Mules among others.

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    Default Freaks Me out!

    Yes that is it thanks,

    That just freaks me out. Not only because we all know why they are testing on animals.

    But just because there are some things man should not touch.

    Thanks I am researching the test results and let me tell you my stomach has turned on the way some animals have evolved and the mutations of those animals.

    And yes of coarse it has happened to other species.


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    Apparently others find it to be OK.
    A $4,000 stud fee for a crossbred, AQHA won't register his off spring.
    It's all very interesting.
    The Horse: Scamper Clone Offered for Commercial Breeding

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    I'd heard about this several months ago, very interesting and strange to me also... but hey, if someone can find a way to make a doller this day in time, of course they're going to do it.
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    Forget it. I can't settle it im my soul so it is not for me. I take most things pretty light heartily as most of you know.

    But you are not artificially inseminating you are playing with the root of creation and I think in my opinion is wrong.

    It is very scary to think about where it is going or has already gone that we dont know about.

    You got to put the steel to em'

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    I thank you for the information! I was looking for and could not find. You helped me!
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