PLEASE DO NOT : Try and Promote your equine site or business in any forum except "Site Promotion"

You will generally not find a forum that will even allow this but here at HorseChitChat we want to help you succeed in all you do.

Please only post in the site promotion AFTER you have obeyed the contribution regulations of that forum.

We will delete any unethical sexual content and ban you instantly for sexual content abuse. We will give 2 chances for other Flamming and Wars, 3rd time you are out. Everyone has bad days try and make someone elses better not worse.

If this policy is to extreme I am sorry but this board will be a large Family soon enough with emphasis on Family.
and I am sure if you are a forum user that you prefer to build a Fun, Friendly forum.

** Please note at the bottom of the Forum you may select 3 different options to change your viewing settings. **

** NEW ** Sig Files - Please do not advertise your site with a banner style sig file. The sig file option was allowed by popular request to give you the ability to show off your horses and your artistic abilities. Not to promote your site or sites, If you wish to add a link back to your site in your sig file that is allowed by a text link, but not a banner link.

If the sig file permission is abused it will be deleted. Please keep your sig files no larger than 400 x 100

COMING IN NOVEMBER: If you are interested in having an ad appear here at HCC, we are going to ad 125 X 125 boxes down the right side in the next month. You can pre pay and reserve these spaces they should up and running by the first of November 2008. There will approxiametly 25 spaces and will be on a one (1) year term. Spaces will start at the top being #1 and down from their and priced accordingly.

If you are looking to buy a space across from certian forum topic then pick that number. PM admin if you are interested or use the contact us tab at the top of the page.

First paid first reserved - PM Admin1 for pricing and positions available. You will also have first right of refusal for renewal for that position. After that it is available to general audience.

Custom Titles: Please do not put your web link in your user title this is for names or nicknames. We will give you an infraction for this as well.

DO NOT: Spam to promote your site as we will not tolerate it as we have given you a forum especially to help your sites. Please contribute quality posts before you post in the site promotion forum and obey its rules as well. (yes this is repeated but some poeple are overlooking it and saying they did read it)

This forum is a very friendly community and cares for each other. Please do not try and spam us. Go to a forum that doesn't care as much.

Once again welcome and thank you for joining our community. We are honored to have you as a member and now a part of our equine family.

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