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    Quote Originally Posted by ck1791 View Post

    Our turtle is a desert tortoise and he is about 13 -15 years old.
    Hmm.. I haven't heared of a sulcatta. You have really cool turtles.
    So, you have a red dun quarterhorse mare? Because you just said
    her color

    Thanks for putting that extra pic on!
    A sulcatta is also known as an african spur thigh. They get gigantic. The reason I suggested it may be a sulcatta is the similarity in the shell.. My eyes aren't real good so I can't see it real well. You can look them up on line. Sulcattas are commonly kept as pets and almost as commonly dumped when they get to large to house easily. There are several sulcatta breeders in the states. You can see them sold by the dozens as hatchlings at any reptile show of any size.I have always wanted one. I also have a box turtle, but thought you were inquiring about the big guy.
    Have a great day

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    Arrow Lets See..

    Quote Originally Posted by 4mysavannah View Post
    Yes, a beagle is a little hound with BIG hound attitude! If I can figure out how to post pics, I will put one of her on here.....
    4mysavannah, to post pics you have to upload your pics onto
    a photo hosting site like Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket
    or - Your Photo and Imaging Portal []
    I really think photobucket is much better. The when you upload the pics on one of those sites then you
    go on a advanced thread, not a quick reply, and do you see the little
    small box under the first small/blue/curving arrow? It is a small pic with
    a mountain scene and a sun.

    I hope this works out so you can put a pic of your beagle on here

    I hope this helps.
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    I'm Addicted 2 Cal Bred Prince

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    Ok, here is my beagle, hope this works! This is Sadie

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    YAY!! It worked, ok, here is my horses.

    This is Sisco, my 3 year old quarter horse gelding!

    And Savannah, my 21 year old quarter horse mare

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    Nice bunch! The little girl is a doll!!

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    Default Horse Pictures

    I collect horse pictures for your site Horse Pictures / Digital Art Gallery. You can put your photos on the site.

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    Sadie is awesome! My sister has a dog named Sadie and even though she isn't as big as a beagle, she acts like one. It's nice that there's a place on the forum for other critters. I'll have to scroll some more, but I didn't notice any cats. I'm more of a dog person (as they say), but I think every farm, ranch or property with any outbuildings needs a cat or two, it just seems natural.

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    They're both beautiful (and so is that charming young lady). Which of the horses do you prefer to ride? As a complete novice, I'd think the older mare would be much more appropriate for a beginner, more mellow, I guess, but then again, if I think of some of the older ladies I know, well, let's just say I'd be afraid to put a saddle on them!

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    Oh my goodness! You guys have some cute pets!!
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    nice pictures I just love Pets Specially Dogs they are so amazing to have

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4mysavannah View Post
    YAY!! It worked, ok, here is my horses.

    This is Sisco, my 3 year old quarter horse gelding!

    And Savannah, my 21 year old quarter horse mare
    I love your horse,thank you for sharing.

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