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    Default Competing on a Budget

    Long story short, we are in the process of developing/moving onto horse-friendly property with the goal being for me to return to my pony passion after a 5 year hiatus to start a career, get married, and start a family. I foresee us with one, MAYBE two horses on the property, along with a non-equine companion creature.

    I was a working student for a 4-star rider for 6 years in my teens and subsequently worked off lessons, board, and the occasional entry fee. It was a great set up at the time, but not even remotely possible with a household to run and an 8 month baby with another arriving in Oct. My time is going to be limited!

    I am able to stay at home with my kids thanks to my husband, but intend to go back to work part or full time once my kids are a little older so that i will have greater financial freedom for my riding endeavors. That said, competing is EXPENSIVE! Looking for budget friendly ways to cut show season costs, and would also love to know your average show season costs (aside from typical feed, shoeing, vet expenses, etc.)

    *I am in the PNW, for reference, and don't expect to return to Prelim or higher for at least a few years... so we are talking lower levels*

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    Oh yeah, it's very expensive, you will not do anything! (
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