I know there are some others on this forums with PSSM horses and that are knowledgeable in diets and nutrition, and would love some input. Mare was diagnosed at the end of January with PSSM Type 1, and I started her on a PSSM diet mid-February. Currently she gets 2 Tablespoons of Mag Ox, 8000 iu of Vitamin E, 8oz of DAC oil, and 2 pounds of Tribute Essential K (per meal). She gets 14 pounds of an alfalfa, and then turned out with free choice hay during the day.

I am thinking about switching her to this grain: http://m.nutrenaworld.com/products/h...feed/index.jsp and was wondering if others have tried this with their PSSM horse, and how they did. I hate to change things since she is doing so well other than some weight gain. I think I need to do something with her grain, she is getting quite a bit of the RB, which I am sure is aiding in the weight gain. I still want her to get some extra vitamins beyond just giving her an alfalfa pellet which I know many people do with their PSSM horses. She is not a salt/mineral block licker. This grain is much easier for me to get than the Tribute and is also $10 cheaper per bag which would be nice.

I am also thinking about changing her over to ALCAR instead of the oil. I don't really want to add more powder to what she already gets, but I think that ALCAR will be a little more economical over the long run, and maybe won't add the calories that the oil does? Anybody use this? How much does your horse take, and how are they doing on it.