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To Switch or Not To Switch - Trainers That Is?

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Hey everyone how in the heck are you doing? Hope everyone is well. It has been an interesting week with horses. Had an old horse we had to say goodbye to, he was 24 and became a chronic colic guy. I was amazed at how well my children handled the loss. It is always a weird feeling when you loose something close. It was a habit I will miss to give the old man his evening treat. Dealing with any type of loss is weird for me, I don't handle it well.

Someone just had a very interesting topic on the EquestrianHorseforum and I thought I could go into a little more detail. The question was whether or not it was okay to switch trainers as get better at riding or if you should stick with your current trainer?I think that you should definately switch trainers if you feel like you have learned as much as you can from your first trainer or riding instructor. Most riders begin with riding instructors or trainers to either learn to ride a specific discipline or compete in a specific event. If you feel that you have learned everything that you can from your current trainer and that you are not progressing any more, then you should definately look at a more experienced trainer that you feel you could learn more from and compete at a higher level with.

If you find that you are no longer interested in one discipline or area of competition and you are thinking of making a change, then you may want to consider making a change in trainers as well. You wouldn't want to stick with a reining trainer if you have a new goal of becoming a Grand Prix show jumper. There's not a lot that your reining trainer could help you with. Many riders may also find themselves with a riding instructor that doesn't compete, but the rider wants to. This is also another reason that you would want to switch trainers. Your instructor may have been very beneficial in teaching to ride, but if he/she doesn't want to compete or has no experience in competing then he/she won't be very helpful in preparing you for the show ring.A lot of trainers and instructors are also constantly seeking a new education and if you feel that you are ready to move to the next leve, then your trainer may be able to refer you to a trainer that competes at a higher level than them. They will definitely understand if you need to switch trainers, just sit down and talk to them about it.

Well, go that of the brim of my hat. Have a great weekend. And if you have time join our little horse community mentioned above.

Happy Trails