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  1. To Switch or Not To Switch - Trainers That Is?

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    Hey everyone how in the heck are you doing? Hope everyone is well. It has been an interesting week with horses. Had an old horse we had to say goodbye to, he was 24 and became a chronic colic guy. I was amazed at how well my children handled the loss. It is always a weird feeling when you loose something close. It was a habit I will miss to give the old man his evening treat. Dealing with any type of loss is weird for me, I don't handle it well.

    Someone just had a very interesting topic on the EquestrianHorseforum and I thought I could go into a little more detail. The question was whether or not it was okay to switch trainers as get better at riding or if you should stick with your current trainer?I think that you should definately switch trainers if you feel like you have learned as much as you can from your first trainer or riding instructor. Most riders begin with riding instructors or trainers to either learn to ride a specific ...
  2. Yes Take A Trainer With You

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    Whether the trainer is your own or a friend, most trainers have the ability to pick out horses that are exceptional or average. They will also be able to tell you whether or not the horse is worth the asking price.

    Have your trainer or other knowledgeable person ride the horse as well. This will give you something to compare your ride to. If the horse is dropping a shoulder or has a choppy stride, your trainer or friend will also be able to confirm what you felt in your ride. If you are new to the horse industry, the trainer will be able to help you look for good qualities in confirmation and movement of the horse.

    A trainer will be able to help you examine both the good qualities and the bad qualities of a horse. The trainer will be able to tell you which confirmation flaws will affect performance and which confirmation flaws will not matter. They will also be able to tell you if the horse ...
  3. 10 Minutes a Day to help keep the Vet away!

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    Your horse's health is important!

    To keep your horse in good health, it's a good idea to get into a routine of doing a daily health check. Don't worry—a good health check takes just a few minutes! In order for it to be meaningful, however, it's important that you know the signs of a healthy horse, as well as the signs of an unhealthy horse. Go down this checklist every day, and keep your horse in tip-top shape!

    • How is your horse standing? Horses who are relaxing often stand with their heads down and one hind leg resting. This is a completely normal posture! However, if your horse is standing in his pasture or stall with a front leg resting, further investigation is probably needed. Trot your horse out to see if you see any signs of lameness. If you aren't sure, call your vet and have him do an evaluation. As a general rule, horses don't stand with their front legs resting.

  4. Common Parasites In Your Horse - How to Treat them

    Protecting your horse against parasites is part of good barn management. Whether you are the owner of single horse or make your living as a boarding stable, you should have a good parasite prevention plan in place. Deworming your horses at regular intervals will keep parasites at bay and will ensure your horse's maximum health and safety.

    What are some of the more common nasties just itching to sponge off your equine friends? Check out these parasite profiles.

    o Large Strongyles (Strongylus vulgaris and Strongylus edentatus). Otherwise known as bloodworms, large strongyles are an internal parasite known to be the most destructive and deadly of them all. Why are they so destructive? Well, as immature larvae migrate through the blood vessels, they destroy arterial walls, block or rupture blood vessels, impair circulation, and damage organ and tissues. Not exactly the most polite of guests, are they? Seriously, large strongyles are no joke! The havoc they wreak ...
  5. Men Thrive on Competition

    It is a well known fact that many men enjoy any type of competition. This love of competition can range from just watching someone else compete by watching sporting events on television, or they could be a member of a team or sporting league and actually participate in a sporting event. This could be a reason that men love women who compete in horse related sporting events.

    If you ask any man at a rodeo what their favorite event to watch is, most of them will say barrel racing. This is because they get to watch some very talented and very beautiful women racing their horses as fast as they can around the barrel pattern. Most men love speed and pretty girls, so this should make barrel racing one of the greatest sports ever invented.

    There are other types of horse related sporting events in which men can participate along side the women that they love. The only thing that a man will have to consider when choosing a horse related sporting event is the level of ...
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