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  1. Men Thrive on Competition

    It is a well known fact that many men enjoy any type of competition. This love of competition can range from just watching someone else compete by watching sporting events on television, or they could be a member of a team or sporting league and actually participate in a sporting event. This could be a reason that men love women who compete in horse related sporting events.

    If you ask any man at a rodeo what their favorite event to watch is, most of them will say barrel racing. This is because they get to watch some very talented and very beautiful women racing their horses as fast as they can around the barrel pattern. Most men love speed and pretty girls, so this should make barrel racing one of the greatest sports ever invented.

    There are other types of horse related sporting events in which men can participate along side the women that they love. The only thing that a man will have to consider when choosing a horse related sporting event is the level of ...
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  2. Women's Love of Horses

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    For many women who own horses, their horse is one of only a few constant factors that they have in their lives. In a way, their horses are like their children. Women have to watch over them and take care of them on a daily basis, just like their children. This is one reason that women love their horses so much.

    To a woman, a horse is just an extension of their family, why else would a woman get up at five O' clock in the morning and go outside in the freezing cold to feed a horse and clean out their stall? There has to be a great amount of love involved for anyone to do that. Many women see their horses as not only members of their families, but also as their best friends.

    Many women could easily spend hours in the barn telling their horse about all of their problems or other events that are happening in their lives. This is because horses are great listeners, much better than most men.

    Men ...

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